document your SCOM 2012 environment

This is quite huge for me, because I’ve been working on this script for the last two months and finally decided, to release the script to public, although I know that it’s still far from complete.

Document your Operations Manager 2012 environment

You should know your environment and what happens in it and you should be able to show people what exactly has been configured in your environment. This is quite important for consultants, but also for admins. Consultants need to create a documentation after implementing Operations Manager 2012 at a costumer’s site and admins should be able to know how their environment looks like at any given time. read more

recover deleted Bitlocker Recovery Informations

Today I had a request from a first-level-admin which need the Bitlocker Recovery Password for a already deleted computer object. Here is what I came up with:

Please note that you need to be a Domain Admin (or equivalent) to be able to read the Deleted Objects Container. The tombstones will have a lifetime, after their expiration, you can’t access anymore to the recovery passwords.

List VMTools Status with vCheck

i like vCheck to daily report my virtual environment status. But a lot of our guest systems are not in my responsibility, so the VM Tools are not uptodate or aren’t installed.

i wroted this plugin for vCheck:

discover informations about all virtual machines to Excel

I had the task to list all existing virtual machines in our vSphere vCenter to an Excel-List. Cause i have alot of VM’s and they change often, i wrote a powershell-script, which creates an excel-file like this:

The requirements for this script are Microsoft Excel and VMware PowerCLI 5. Look at the script or download it here:

Shutdown full VMware datacenter on UPS failure

To shutdown a VMware datacenter on UPS failure i found a PowerShell script, which i modified:

The script will shutdown the desired VMware datacenter, but it will ask you first, if you are sure. If you like to run the script in silent mode, you can run it with parameter yes.

You have to define the hostname of your VirtualCenter and the name of the datacenter. To run the script, you will need, to have VMware PowerCLI installed.

You can dowload the script shutdownESX.ps1 (right-click -> Save As) or copy/paste it from here:

read more