backup Cisco configurations

Did you ever wonder, how to backup your cisco configuration on a regular base? Earlier you need a tool which made the backups for you.

Since IOS version 12.2(25)S cisco has integrated the archive command, which can backup the IOS configuration based on time or an event:

in this example, the config is archived whenever you write your running config to the startup config and additionaly on a weekly (10080 minutes) interval.

note: if you like to write your backups in a subfolder for each switch, you have to create the subfolder on your server. read more

Add third-party SSL-Certificate to Cisco WLC’s web authentication page

If you create a guest network with a Cisco Wireless Lan Controller, you will like to create and import a third-party SSL-Certificate for the Web Auth page. If you don’t add a third-party SSL certificate, your guest users will receive an error-message, that the WLC’s selfsigned certificate isn’t valid. Cause i searched long time around, how to setup a third-party SSL certificate and it seems not to be the easiest thing, i wrote a Step-by-Step guide for integrating SSL-certificate to a Cisco WLC 5508 with Version 7.0.98.


To create and import a third-party SSL-certificate you will need:

  • an WLC 5508 with IOS Version 7.0.98 (i didn’t test it with other WLC’s or other versions, but maybee it will run the same way)
  • an external Certificate Authority (CA). in this document i will use, which offers free Class 1 certificates.
  • a separated VLAN for the guest network with a DNS- and a DHCP-server.
  • OpenSSL 0.9.8h for Windows
  • a TFTP-server software (i use TFTP32)
  • read more