Windows Azure Pack doesn’t show Automation dashboard after updating SMA

this days, I updated Service Management Automation (SMA) in our production environment from version 2016 UR7 to version 2019.

after the update, I had an issue with Windows Azure Pack, which couldn’t display the dashboard for the Automation provider.

after some research, i found out, that the root cause was some months earlier. we have a lot of concurrent jobs running and some times the SMA workers was overloaded and all new jobs where hanging in the queue. the solution I found on some other websites, was to mark this queued jobs as failed inside the database and then restart the worker service:

after setting this jobs to failed state, I had to configure the Runbook worker to start only one Runbook per Sandbox process in the file C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center\Service Management Automation\Orchestrator.Settings.config:

the Runbook worker could now be restarted and was working properly again. Stability was much better, than before. read more