i created a new WordPress plugin to display your Menalto Gallery3 albums in your posts and pages. Unlike other plugins, this plugin can handle user permissions from Gallery3.

[WPGallery3 AlbumID=405 RootAlbumID=405]

See detailed information and download link for the newest version at the project page.

7 thoughts on “WPGallery3”

    • Hello Checco

      Use [ WPGallery3 ] instead of [wpgallery3] (without space and WPG in upper-case)

      Regards Josh

  1. Hello Josh,

    thank you for your wonderfull plugin for gallery in wordpress. It looks great !!

    however (there is always something)

    i noticed two things:
    1: when you click on the thumbnail for the maximum enlagrement you get an error because the script looks vor wpg-allery instead of wp-gallery. I fixed that for myself by creating a wpg-allery_picture.php file ( i copied the file with a different filename.

    second problem is more strange wich you can look for yourself.

    on my site (www.datisgaaf.nl) in the menu is a TEST page. when you click it you see three maps in the album. The first and second give an hugh mysql error in line 184

    Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/ardbkpjo/domains/datisgaaf.nl/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp-gallery3/wp-gallery3_content.php on line 184
    Gallery / Vakantie foto’s

    But the strangest thing is that the same problem does not happen in the most right album. that seems to work perfect.

    do you have ANY idea what this can be??

    I love to hear from you.

    Herlichzen Grüsse,
    Kind Regards,

    Arjan (The Netherlands)

  2. Okay never mind. I figured it out. You have to sort MANUAL in the gallery otherwise you get the mysql error.

    don’t ask me why. because i didn’t build the thing hahahah. I think you just need to correct the filename for the final enlargement in your next update.


  3. Hello,

    i have a question: on your example the enlargement has navigation arrows and a close X. but i don’t get those on my website. what modules and plugins did you use on your gallery ? what do i need to change to get i right?


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