Free iSCSI Target for Windows available

For years, when you need to define a Windows Storage as iSCSI target, you need a paid software, cause Microsoft iSCSI target software did only run on the Windows Storage Server edition.

As of April 2011, the target software is now available for free and supported in any Windows 2008 R2 edition!

You can use this for:

  • highly available VMs
  • clustering of file and print services
  • testing environments
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    BitLocker in a enterprise environment

    Each System-Administrator knows the problem. Every day a users loses his Notebook or his mobile device. The financial loss is one thing, but lose the the datas and the control who has access to this datas is a disaster for a lot of companies.

    To secure your datas from loss some developers created solutions to backup your datas. Another important point is to encrypt your datas in a secure way, so that no one outside your organisation can access your sensitive datas.

    The following things should be noted: read more