force a vbscript to run in CSCRIPT

There are several valid reasons to demand that a vbscript runs in CSCRIPT instead of WSCRIPT, like for example to allow the use of Standard Input or to prevent a separate popup for each Wscript.Echo line.

The following code can be copied and pasted at the top of your own scripts to force them to run in CSCRIPT:

The code may look more complicated than necessary, that’s because it returns CSCRIPT‘s return code to the WSCRIPT engine, just in case this return code is monitored by the program that started the script in WSCRIPT. read more

Notify AD user with mail when password expires

In my environment, i have a lot of users, which never comes to the office, but need remote access to the company network. for this they have an AD user account, which password will expires for company policy after 90 days. Cause they never logon to a domain computer, they didn’t get the “Change Password Request” when the password expires. So they will have at one day an blocked account, but needing it for syncing mobile phone or remote access over VPN. So i wrote a litle script which will notify every user per Mail about the expiring password: read more

Remove all disabled users from distribution lists

Cause of company policy we don’t delete users which are leaving, but we disabled them. The exchange mailbox will be removed after some months. For this incomming mails have to be forwarded to an exchange contact with an unresolvable address, so the sender receives an error message.

Cause of this, we need to remove the disabled users from all distribution list. If not, senders receive error messages each time a message was send to a distribution list with disabled users.

To automate this, i wrote a script. You can filter it by OU and run it first in a display-only mode before you remove the disabled users definitely from all distribution lists. read more

Collect CDP informations with SCCM

Did you ever need to know, to wich network switch a computer is connected? When you are a system administrator in a large company with tousends of users, this can be difficult. But when you use SCCM for OS or Software deployment, you have a good inventory tool integreated. Unfortunately SCCM by default only collect datas which the client operating system knows. Your Windows computers doesn’t known to which switch or port they are connected, but if you have Cisco switches the computers would be able to collect this information. Fact is that switches from Cisco are spreading all 60 seconds a lot of information about them to the connected ports (you can disable this, but by default it’s enabled). So you need only a tool to gather this information an write it to the SCCM. read more