delete orphaned computers from SCOM

after renaming a Active Directory computer, the computer was automatically detected in SCOM with the correct new name. but after short time, I detected, that the originally agent was already there, but not reachable. so I deleted the old computer under Device Management – Agent Managed.

normally after maximum 3 days, the agent isn’t visible in the computer view. the delay of 3 days is by design. so don’t delete the computer manually to early.

If you still see the Computer showing up – even after 3 days – then in most cases, there is still a discovery associated with it. To find the discovery, use this query:

SELECT BME.FullName, DS.DiscoveryRuleID, D.DiscoveryName FROM typedmanagedentity TME 
JOIN BaseManagedEntity BME ON TME.BaseManagedEntityId = BME.BaseManagedEntityId 
JOIN DiscoverySourceToTypedManagedEntity DSTME ON TME.TypedManagedEntityID = DSTME.TypedManagedEntityID 
JOIN DiscoverySource DS ON DS.DiscoverySourceID = DSTME.DiscoverySourceID 
JOIN Discovery D ON DS.DiscoveryRuleID=D.DiscoveryID 
WHERE BME.Fullname LIKE '%ComputerName%'

in my case, I didn’t found any discovery for this computer and it was still available in the Windows Computer view one week after deletion of the agent.

so I found a solution


we need to check the database with this query for the orphaned entities:

select * from BaseManagedEntity Where FullName like FullName Like '%Windows.Computer%' and '%ComputerName%' and IsDeleted=0

now we will mark this old entries as deleted:

update BaseManagedEntity set IsDeleted=1 where FullName Like '%Windows.Computer%' and FullName like '%ComputerName%'

after this, make a refresh in your SCOM console. the orphaned Windows Computer shouldn’t be there anymore.