auto-update Antivirus Essential for Synology NAS behind proxy

Since DSM 4.1 you can configure proxy service at the Control Panel – Network:

but if you have installed the AntiVirus Essential package, it wouldn’t use this settings to update it’s virus definitions and will fail:

To configure autoupdate for the virus definitions behind a proxy server, you need to configure some settings manualy:

activate ssh on your NAS:

connect to your NAS by SSH and login as root (not as admin!)

create a new script:

change vi to the insert mode by press key i, then insert this lines:

to change vi to the command mode press ESC key. Save your script by enter :w and leave vi by enter :q.

now you need to make your new script executable:

you can test your script by entering:

After executing your script, your AV definitions should be uptodate:

To execute your script automaticaly on a reglar base, edit /etc/crontab:

add the follow lines to the crontab file and save it:

edit the times, so that synoavupdate runs around one hour before synoavscan.

Deactivate automatically updates in your settings:

Don’t forget to deactivate SSH access again.

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