Find SCSI ID’s and Drive Letters for VMware VMs

Some times I have the problem, I need to resize or delete a VMware Virtual Disk, but I only know the Guest’s Drive Letter. In VM’s where I have only one virtual Disk, or where each virtual Disk has a different size, this isn’t a problem. but if you have a VM with multiple virtual disk with exactly the same size, you can’t compare it between the Guest Disk Manager and the virtual Disk sizes.

I searched long time to solve this problem, but I couldn’t find an easy solution. so I wrote this PowerShell script:

you have to define the variable vcServerName in line 43 and then run it by execute

when you run the script, it will ask you for credentials and then shows you the SCSI-ID’s of your virtual disk and the Windows drive informations:


if you set the parameter rename to true, it will rename the volume label to the appropriative value.


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