document your SCOM 2012 environment

This is quite huge for me, because I’ve been working on this script for the last two months and finally decided, to release the script to public, although I know that it’s still far from complete.

Document your Operations Manager 2012 environment

You should know your environment and what happens in it and you should be able to show people what exactly has been configured in your environment. This is quite important for consultants, but also for admins. Consultants need to create a documentation after implementing Operations Manager 2012 at a costumer’s site and admins should be able to know how their environment looks like at any given time.

Usually people ‘only’ document the most important stuff or what they think is the most important stuff. Every documentation looks different and my believe is that it shouldn’t be that way. I’d like to have my documentations all look the same, no matter where I create them.

Like automation, I like standardization. That’s why, i created a PowerShell script for create my “SCOM 2012 configuration Report”.

Here is a preview of the report:

SCOM configuration report

Powershell cmdlets for Operations Manager 2012

Before I started to write this script I asked myself if I wanted to use WMI only or also the OM12 native cmdlets for Powershell. Both Technologies have their own Advantages and disadvantages.

This is a script that will ONLY get you information, it won’t change anything in your environment, that’s why I decided to use the Powershell cmdlets wherever possible and to avoid using WMI.

Version 0.1

I rate this script at version 0.1, because there are still some things missing. They will be added in time.

Maybee you will find some problems. tell me and I will try to correct them.


In order to run this script the following requirements have to be met:

  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager SP1 (at least)
  • Powershell 3.0
  • installed Operations Manager Admin GUI
  • read-access to the RMS
  • read-Access to all involved SCOM servers
  • Microsoft Word (best with an English installation)

How to execute the script

I added a comment-based help to the script, so you shouldn’t have any problems running it, but here’s one way to execute the script:


Thanks also to David, which gives me the idea of this script and has also a wonderful Inventory Script for SCCM here.

I’m hoping for lots of feedback on this script, because I can’t possibly test everything in my demo lab. So if you find an error or have issues with this script, please tell me!

Download the script here: size: 22.8 kB, counter: 1192, updated: 11. April 2014